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Thank you very much for your visit.

All of us are from Hainan Island and based in Sanya, Hainan Island, China, and have minimum 10 years experience in hotel and tourism business in Hainan. We know the Island best, and speak good English and Chinese.

Our goal is to provide all information and necessary reservations for your business, or leisure travel. This information can be at your fingertips at home, at the office, or on the road.

All the information is checked and approved before it is activated online. Also constant updating is done to ensure such information is current.

JENNY ZHANG, the owner of, is Sanyanese, graduated from Beijing Foreign Affairs College with a degree in English language. Before running the website, she worked in Shenzhen, Haikou and Sanya as hotel sales manager and event organizer, and also she has

15 years experience in travel agent business after the hotel. Speaking fluently Chinese, Cantonese and English, her in-depth information on Hainan island and travel is unrivaled, which can make professional travel plan from luxurious group packages to tailor-made private tours to you.

Promise by Jenny: I am familiar with most places of interest to tourists and the major attractions of Hainan Island. I can also give you short explanations of the various features you can experience on our wonderful Island. I can make suggestions of where it is the best to see, stay, do, buy, depending on your focus. I can also make recommendations based on fair comparisons depending on your needs and wants during your holiday in Hainan Island.

As you plan your next trip, please think of us and please tell us how we may serve you better.

We hope to be of service, always.