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Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay is lying to the west of Sanya city center, the longest bay in Sanya with 20 km seaside avenue which is honored Asian First Seaside Avenue. Along the Avenue, one side is the golden beach with beautiful tropical coconut forest, you can find some typical and valuable tropical plants such as cycad, palm, madagascar palm and oil palm, the other side is the hotels and villas with beautiful sea-view beside the road. Please click here for our hotel recommendation list at Sanya Bay.

Across the Sanya bay sea, you will see two adjacent islands: Western Hawksbill Island and Eastern Hawksbill Island (commonly know as Western Island and Eastern Island). The Eastern Island is a garrison island with strict safety measures while the Western Island is open to the public. If you are interested in angling, you can reach the Western Island by motorboat as it has the biggest and best angling club of Sanya. There are many fish and you will return with great success. Furthermore, the island is famous for its limpid sea water and various benthoses, popular for experience of scuba diving, and water sports.

Sunsets are one of the most fascinating light displays that Mother Nature has to offer. The colors of the sky and the landscape can change dramatically as the sun casts its bright light at different angles. If you are living and holidaying in Sanya and love to watch sunsets, Sanya Bay offers the best place to watch them. Stretching from Phoenix Island to Tianya Bay, Sanya Bay is 22 kilometers long and lots of folks come to here to enjoy the ocean, sunset strolling, dog walking and so many more that the list is almost endless. But when the sun starts to set, it is like the whole of Sanya slows down for just a minute or two to take in the awesome splendor that is a Sanya Bay sunset. As the sun goes down, the decreasing inland temperature pulls cool, moist ocean air onto the beach like a soft blanket and sitting on the nice and soft beach with toes in the sand, back to the hotels and street, is perhaps the best way to enjoy the magnificent sunset. Besides, you can walk along the Sanya Bay Road and sit in one of cafes in the area, which are virtually beachfront and offer views of the spectacular bright orange sun set into the Sanya Bay sea, while having a cocktail or food or both.

As the bay is near the city center, it's very convenient to reach and is much cheaper to visit. Not only is it much quieter and less crowded, but Sanya Bay has the most beautiful sunsets of Sanya and is safe for swimming as the sea is calmer. Also, it is a better choice to live here to taste the daily life of local people.

Jenny’s Tips: Sanya Bay is also an ideal place for vacation and leisure holiday, the hotels there are very new, but as most of the hotels and resorts there are not beach access, it is not the best choice for guests who wish beach holiday. However, as Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, it would be a good choice to wander along the bay after dinner to feel the soft sea breeze and warm sea water, and view the sunset. Also you can see lots of local people doing exercise at the beach after the sunset. You can also see the fishermen trawling and hear their working songs resounding to the skies, which can only be seen as fishing has been forbidden in Dadonghai and Yalong Bay. Moreover, you may rent a bike to go sightseeing along the Avenue. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view of Sanya Bay, but also can make fitness at the same time.

How to get here:

Very easy to reach, you can take a taxi or the double decker bus. and cost 10 minutes from the city centre, 30 minutes from Yalong Bay.