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Clear Water Bay


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Hainan Clearwater Bay is close to Eastern Island Expressway and Haikou-Yulin Eastern Highway. It takes approximately 40-minute drive to reach Sanya International Phoenix Airport. Hainan Eastern Island High-speed Railway completed at the end of 2010 shortens the ride from the Hainan Clearwater Bay to Sanya and Haikou to be within 15 minutes and 1 hour respectively. Then, a vertical transportation network integrating expressway, light rail and airline network is available for reaching the inner and outer of the island.


Covering an area of over 10,000 mu, with a total investment of RMB20 billion, Hainan Clearwater Bay of Agile is listed as a key construction projects of the "12th Five-Year Plan” in Hainan Province. The project is developed by Agile Property Holdings Limited, a listed company in Hong Kong in collaboration with Morgan Stanley, and is well placed to become a world-class new coastal holiday resort. The project boasts high-end supporting facilities including 6 international five-star resort hotels and 2 noble yachts to be built along the 16-kilometer landscape avenue and 12-kilometer coastline. It will take the lead in implementing Hainan’s international tourism island development strategy and becoming a new image of the international tourism island by leveraging the scarcity of global natural resources, forward-looking integrated development planning, and world-class award-winning supporting high-end facilities.


At present, after approximately 5 years of development and construction, the investment of more than RMB10 billion world-class holiday resorts has becoming mature. A group of six development including Golfer’s Paradise , Côte d'Azur, Silver Sand , The Galaxy, Azure Oasis and River Park  are completed. Among them, Golfer’s Paradise, Côte d'Azur and The Galaxy have been put into service. The lakeside Commercial Street of the Côte d'Azur has started to business in October 2009, can meet the basic how to take care of a baby requirement of the owner. The large comprehensive farmers market built by the domestic renowned commercial management company will be open in the first half of this year… A mature holiday resort has taken in shape.


At the same time, the concept of “Second Life” advocated by Agile Clearwater Bay enjoys thorough popular support and has attracted 8,000 wealth elitists to become owners so as to achieve their ultimate dreams for coastal living.


12-kilometer Glamorous Coastline, Enjoy the World’s Scarce Coastal Resources

Agile Clearwater Bay has the 12-kilometer original ecological coastline and the “Singing Sands” appears to be at Gold Coast, Australia.  It is amazing that the elegant arc coastline integrates natural spectacles. On its one side is the silver beach and the other side is reef rocks. The depth of water within 200 meters away from the sea is below 2 meters with a visibility of 11 meters, whose scarce coastal resources are hardly available in the world.



World first-class Air, As the World’s Top Health Resort

The forest coverage of Agile Clearwater Bay is as high as approximately 56%, and its negative ion index in the air is only the second to Habana, Cuba and peerless in China; with several natural bathing pools rich in health-preserving elements in the hills around the project, it is also a world first-class coastal health resort.



2 Noble Yacht Clubs, Feast Your Eyes on the Terrific View

Establishing 2 noble yacht clubs, Agile Clearwater Bay tailors Mediterranean harbor Wharf to the rich by capitalizing on cutting-edge technologies, high-end configurations and charming bays. One of the largest Asian yacht wharf as planned has been commenced the construction. Designed by renowned French NDA Company, the Wharf has 780 berths and is available for docking of the currently longest yacht in the world.



6 International Five-Star Hotels, Ensure Its World-class Position

Agile cooperates with the world renowned hotel management groups to jointly build a coastal resort hotel cluster and introduces global premium holiday life. The 6 international five-star to seven-star hotels including Raffles, Jumeirah, J.W. Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental and Outrigger are erected in the bay to form a unique global 12-kilometer coastal hotel gallery and can meet all possible demands of coastal holidays. Among them, the six-star Raffles Hotel under way of decoration is about to be open for enriching the colorful coastal holiday life.

The International Brand City to Pool Premier Brands  The Non-stop Resort for World-Class Quality Life


The International Brand City of Hainan Clearwater Bay, as the first world-class brand outlet city in Hainan will introduce approximately 300 global premier brands to develop into a large non-stop international award-winning commercial experience centre integrating shopping, relaxation, food, recreation, culture, sightseeing and hotel-style apartments as a whole. As the opening of well-known international brand outlets, the International Brand City of the Clearwater Bay is well positioned to become the pearl of high-end commerce of the international tourism island.


Sitting Majestically at the Heart of the Whole Sanya Tourism Circle to Boast Expressway, Light Rail and Airline Network.