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Longmu Bay

Longmu Bay International Tourism Resort is located In Ledong County, Hainan, about 100 kilometers from Sanya, covered with the area of 34.16 square kilometers. The first phase of the project schedule Sports Park, Kaiser The Palace Hvar Hotel (Octopus Hotel), five star beach resorts : Wyndham Grand Hotel (opened), the Kempinski Villa Hotel Garden Hotel, Shanghai Commercial Fisherman's Wharf Street, Longmu Bay Avenue and infrastructure projects, etc. Please click here to find out the beach resorts on Longmu Bay.

Longmu bay international tourism resort is near the northern freshwater river, south to Baisha River, East by Hainan three Chang railway and Haiyu highway, North to West bay. It is located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, similar as the Arabia sea, the Red Sea, the Caribbean Sea, bay of Bengal, Mexico Bay, and Hawaii, has the the long summer without winter, and bright sunshine, the pure air, the blue sea, the white the beach, the natural ecological environment in the world come first on the list.


The overall planning area of Longmu bay international tourism resort area of 34.16 square kilometers, near the Chinese national tropical Forest Park Jianfengling Rainforest. Estimated investment of about 36 billions yuan, starting from Nov. 2009, supposed to be completed in 2016. It will be another nice ideal choice for beach holiday.