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Dining and Drinks in Sanya

Tasting the local dishes is a must on your journey. Both of the hotels and a number of roadside booths serve the freshest seafood. Besides the seafood, you still can try the famous four dishes of Hainan: Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Lamb, Jiaji Duck and Hele Crab, or the very local Hainan special and Dim Sum such as Baoluo Feng(picture), Coconut meat dumpling(picture), which are the best popular breakfast that local people will take instead of bread and milk.  Of course, you may also enjoy Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian and other western style foods here. Also many other Chinese foods can be found here such as Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, etc. Please check here for our recommendation on restaurant.

Jenny’s Tip: you may get a name card with the prices of seafood on it during your stay, the prices seem to be very cheap and impel you to have a try, but you will pay much more out of the expectation. So you’d better not to trust them. it is a trap indeed.

Local Special Favorites (Hainan Featured Foods)

Hainan Four Dishes are well known all of the world, you can find in any of restaurants here.

Boiled Wenchang Chicken(meat tender)               Braised Dongshan Mutton 

Steamed Hele Crab                                        Boiled Jiaji Duck

Wenchang Chicken

The authentic Wenchang Chicken is so named because it was first produced in Wenchang City. Raw material for that dish are carefully selected home-fed chicken. The food taste crisp, tender and fragrant after being skillfully cooked with particular ingredients. Wenchang Chicken has earned good reputation for its delicate taste and pleasant texture among clients over the world.

Hotels in Sanya all can serve this dish.

Jiaji Duck

Jiaji Duck is also named "Fan Duck" and is featured with red coronet, yellow web and white and black feather. Thanks to the unique feeding method of Jiaji Area in Qionghai City, the grown "Fan Duck" is featured with big chest, thin skin, soft bones and delicate meat. When you eat the meat, you will find it fat but not oily and is honored with the name "Jiaji Duck" in order to be distinguished from other variety of "Fan Duck” raised in other areas. There are altogether three cooking methods of this kind of duck. It can be cooked into Steamed Duck Pieces, Preserved Duck and Roast Duck with every one delicious and special. You can enjoy it in any hotel or the snack bars by the side of the streets in Sanya.

Dongshan Mutton

Dongshan Mutton is so called because of its production place- Dongshan Mountain in Wanning City. The food is known for the tender meat and strong soup. It tastes fresh and is free of goat smell. There are various cooking methods for Dongshan Mutton. No matter it is baked, braised or steamed, the food is tasty.

Hele Crab

Hele Crab is characterized by full crab extract and tender meat. The golden looks crab extract appears shiny with special fragrance. Hele Crab tastes best if being steamed and with ginger, garlic and vinegar. It maintains the original taste of the crab and tastes especially fresh and delicate.


Sanya is located at north latitude 18 degree, and its sea water is high in salt-bearing, that makes seafood there taste very good. Abalone, sea cucumber and other exotic foods are common dishes served in restaurants here, and a visit to the port area in the city center is testament to the incredible wealth and freshness of the food here. There are many ways to cook, steamed, fried, braised, and hot-pot.



Ethnic Li Food

Bamboo Rice is a kind of traditional Li food. The cooking way is to choose a short bamboo tube and fill it with rice and water and sealed with a banana leaf, then put it on fire for half an hour and the bamboo rice is ready. If adding some seafood, or meat, it will taste more delicious.

      Bamboo Rice                                          Chicken soup in Coconut

Local vegetables

      wild Vegetable                     wild Vegetable                       Hainan Spicy

Ethnic Hui Food

The Hui foods take beef and mutton as main ingredients. There are many Hui restaurants in the Phoenix Town.

Fresh Fish Soup is very well-known.

Snacks and Dim Sum

Coconut Rice                             Baoluo Feng                   Dumpling with  meat

  Hainan Noodle (made by rice)


Local beer: The best popular local beer is Anchor beer, Tiger Beer, besides you can order another famous Chinese beer Qsingdao beer or import beers. Soft drinks:many options such as Coke, Sprite, and Hainan special fresh coconut juice.

Shanlan Wine: From Li people, made of glutinous rice. Put boiled rice mixed with distiller’s yeast in a basket and cover with banana leaves, after three to five days, put them into a jar and seal for half month. If storing the wine underground for three to five years, it will taste much better.