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Shopping in Sanya


Shopping is also a must on your journey, so don't forget to choose some sea products, local coffee, coconut candy, tropical fruits and beautiful decorations such as pearl and christal necklace, coconut crafts, and Hainan Island Shirt, etc for you or your friends and relatives back home. 

Specialties in Sanya

Pearl Products and Crystal Products

The Pearl produced in Sanya enjoys the highest reputation in the world.

Seashells Products

Surrounded by blue water on three sides, Sanya is teeming with distinct seashells that can make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for friends. Oceans of seashells with unique forms and multiple colors, like tiger spots, white jade, swine shells, pearl shells, virgin shells, crown shells, swine ears, and horse hoof can all be found in Sanya. It will be a lovely experience for you to pick up unique and interesting shells along the beautiful beaches.


Coconut Products

The selection of coconut products such as coconut sugar, coconut cakes, coconut powder, and coconut butter.

Coffee Products

The coffee produced in Sanya is famous for its special raw material – coconut milk.


Dried fruits and Dried Sea Food

Sanya is a paradise for a variety of tropical fruits and sea food, as well as dried fruit and dried sea food.


Island Clothes

You can buy the island clothes anywhere on the island, with prices ranging from 10 RMB to several hundred RMB. What matters is not the quality of clothes, but the colorful patterns which can add tropical flavor.

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