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Festivals of Sanya

Lunar March 3rd Festival: On lunar March 3 every year, ethnic Li people will hold various shows and contests in celebration of their traditional festival. They sing and dance, row dragon boats and hold comp fire parties. Now, the traditional activities have been upgraded to an international coconut festival containing trade, investment fairs and tourism business.


Lunar March 3rd Festival


Lunar March 3rd Festival


Tianya-Haijiao International Wedding Festival: Since 1996, every year, at the end of November, couples from all over the world will gather at the famous ”End of the Earth” near Sanya City, to celebrate their new marriage or wedding anniversaries. When referring to love and marriage, Tianya Haijiao in Chinese implies eternal relationship. It means that the sea and the sky, the stones and the mountains will all act as the witnesses of love. The international wedding ceremony is highlighted with various interesting activities.

The International Wedding Festival is a big event in Sanya every November.

Tianya-Haijiao International Wedding Festival