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Attractions of Boao

Wanquan River, located in Qionghai city, east of Hainan Island, is the mother river in Hainan. The whole length of Wanquan River is 163 kilometers, originated from Five-finger Mountain. Along the upper reaches are marvelous peaks, flourishing coconut trees and busy ships and people can't bear themselves away because of the charming water scenery; along the lower reaches are densely covered ports and people enjoy themselves so much by the scenes full of pastoral characteristics. Wanquan River tourist zone that is provincial landscape zone takes the nature river scenery as its principal part, and its main function is tour, travel, entertainment and taking holiday. Wanquan River is mainly made up of Wanquan River tourism and entertainment dock, megalith Coconut Street, Shopping Street, Red Women Army Statue, ShaZhou lsland, and Wanquan River Big Dam. The tourist items include the big water sightsee yacht, motorboat, yacht, bamboo raft and so on.


BFA Permanent Venue is located on the Dongyu Island near the mouth of Wanquan River to the South China Sea which is the best protected river mouth of the world. It integrates modern buildings, intelligence conference system, challenging golf course, attracting scenery and impressive legend. As the permanent venue of Boao Forum Asia, the political leaders, industrial and commercial giants, experts and scholars from al of the Asia countries, gather around to the research the development of Asian economy every year. More than 260 leaders from all of the world have ever been in Boao, to attend the BFA Annual Conference every year.



Jade belt beach, Where the three rivers of Wanquan, Jiuqu, and Longgun flow into the South China Sea, a narrow long golden jade belt beach separate the river and the sea, forming the natural landscape, listed in the Guiness record of the world. It's a perfect combination of natural.