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Beaches in Sanya

Sanya is famous for its beaches. Beaches in Sanya mirror the experience one would have in Hawaii. It is blessed with the most romantic and scenic vistas. Read on to find out about the top beaches in this mystical land. 

With sunshine all year around, temperatures cover around 25*C even in January and 30*C in the summer time. Its islands and beaches are beautiful and the water are clean enough to have a good swim, but you may also want to head to Wuzhizhou Island or further north to visit unspoiled and natural scenery.

As the southernmost city in China and the China's only tropical beach destination, Sanya often serves as the last stop for backpackers who wish to spend the remaining days of their visa in China.

For other beaches in Hainan, please click here for more information.

Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is honored “the first bay in the world”, situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions, about 25 km east of Sanya. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost 8 m, reflecting the blue sky and white sand beneath the depths. The average water temperature averaging 25.1 C and never dipping below 22 C. It is an ideal place for relaxation, water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Facilities are also good here. This great beach is adjacent to shops, restaurants and a museum with a pretty collection of sea shells. There is also a charming outdoor butterfly garden here with a mountain hiking trail and some great walks. 36-hole golf course, water sports, are also offered.

If you wish to have a private beachside experience, then the crescent-shaped, 7,000 meter long Yalong Bay beach is the right one for you.  Hainan Island's best hotels can be found here too including international chains and local resorts such as Ritz Carlton Sanya, St. Regis Resort, Sheraton Resort, Hilton Resort, Marriott Resort, MGM Grand Resort, Crowne Plaza Resort, and Resort Horizon,  and Mangrove Tree Resort, etc.

How to get here:

Yalong Bay is about 20-25 km southeast of Sanya City. To get here, take a taxi from the center of town. This should cost around RMB50+; or RMB7-10 for the public bus. And RMB150 + from the Sanya Airport by taxi, needs around 45 minutes. 35 km from the airport in Sanya.

Dadonghai Beach

Dadonghai is one of Sanya's cleanest beaches, situated about 3 km from the centre of the city and just off the main road. The water temperature is about 20C degrees even in winter, hence its reputation as an ideal spot for winter holidaying and relaxation. The beach's close proximity to the city means that it can get very busy here but this remains a pleasant and convenient spot to kick off your shoes, soak up the rays and swim in the sea. Like most of the beaches around Sanya, this is a truly tropical beach with 3 km of white sand curving round a crescent shaped bay, warm blue seas and palm trees. 

Facilities here are good too. Scuba diving and other water sports are popular and cheapest comparison with Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay, and there are numerous restaurants and bars serving up tasty snacks and drinks, and there is a big shopping mall - Summer Mall for those staying at Dadonghai. It is particularly pleasant here in the evenings, when the sun sets and the crowds disapear.

Dadonghai Beach will help you soak in the local culture along with the sun and sand. The beach is located at a short distance of 2 kilometers from downtown Sanya. The beach has a highly energetic and colorful environment, with beachside stalls and lot of entertainment. You can go in for a swim and enjoy the mild waves at this beach, or you can hit up one of the many bars nearby for a drink or two. There are several stalls selling jewelry made out of shells and other beachwear accessories.

Lots of local moderate hotels, resorts and hostels, guesthouse at Dadonghai. Please click here for our hotel recommendation list.

Jenny's Tips: Predominantly Russian (in visitors and signage, there is little English here!) Dadonghai has Sanya's best balance between development and natural beauty. The town behind Dadong Bay is more expensive than Sanya, but has better restaurants and a gorgeous beach. The shopping, however, is not as good as Sanya city's. The ocean has algae blooms that vary the water from thick green to tropically clear. However, even when "tropically clear" the ocean bed is just sand with a rare school of fish or eel. See the beach both in the morning, at sunset (sets gorgeously over the hills), and at night (when people are very scarce). Check out the trails that lead between tide pools along the Westernmost rocks of the beach. The tip of the trail has a dramatic view of the ocean and a deep and deadly ocean cave.

How to get here:

There are many buses from the bus station in Sanya running to the beach, which are No.202 and No.204 from sanya downtown, Sanya railway station cost RMB2, or No.8 from Sanya airpor cost RMB10, etc.

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay is lying to the west of Sanya city center, the longest bay in Sanya with 20 km seaside avenue which is honored Asian First Seaside Avenue. Along the Avenue, one side is the golden beach with beautiful tropical coconut forest, you can find some typical and valuable tropical plants such as cycad, palm, madagascar palm and oil palm, the other side is the hotels and villas with beautiful sea-view beside the road. Please click here for our hotel recommendation list at Sanya Bay.

Across the Sanya bay sea, you will see two adjacent islands: Western Hawksbill Island and Eastern Hawksbill Island (commonly know as Western Island and Eastern Island). The Eastern Island is a garrison island with strict safety measures while the Western Island is open to the public. If you are interested in angling, you can reach the Western Island by motorboat as it has the biggest and best angling club of Sanya. There are many fish and you will return with great success. Furthermore, the island is famous for its limpid sea water and various benthoses, popular for experience of scuba diving, and water sports.

Sunsets are one of the most fascinating light displays that Mother Nature has to offer. The colors of the sky and the landscape can change dramatically as the sun casts its bright light at different angles. If you are living and holidaying in Sanya and love to watch sunsets, Sanya Bay offers the best place to watch them. Stretching from Phoenix Island to Tianya Bay, Sanya Bay is 22 kilometers long and lots of folks come to here to enjoy the ocean, sunset strolling, dog walking and so many more that the list is almost endless. But when the sun starts to set, it is like the whole of Sanya slows down for just a minute or two to take in the awesome splendor that is a Sanya Bay sunset. As the sun goes down, the decreasing inland temperature pulls cool, moist ocean air onto the beach like a soft blanket and sitting on the nice and soft beach with toes in the sand, back to the hotels and street, is perhaps the best way to enjoy the magnificent sunset. Besides, you can walk along the Sanya Bay Road and sit in one of cafes in the area, which are virtually beachfront and offer views of the spectacular bright orange sun set into the Sanya Bay sea, while having a cocktail or food or both.

As the bay is near the city center, it's very convenient to reach and is much cheaper to visit. Not only is it much quieter and less crowded, but Sanya Bay has the most beautiful sunsets of Sanya and is safe for swimming as the sea is calmer. Also, it is a better choice to live here to taste the daily life of local people.

Jenny’s Tips: Sanya Bay is also an ideal place for vacation and leisure holiday, the hotels there are very new, but as most of the hotels and resorts there are not beach access, it is not the best choice for guests who wish beach holiday. However, as Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, it would be a good choice to wander along the bay after dinner to feel the soft sea breeze and warm sea water, and view the sunset. Also you can see lots of local people doing exercise at the beach after the sunset. You can also see the fishermen trawling and hear their working songs resounding to the skies, which can only be seen as fishing has been forbidden in Dadonghai and Yalong Bay. Moreover, you may rent a bike to go sightseeing along the Avenue. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view of Sanya Bay, but also can make fitness at the same time.


Haitang Bay

National Coast Haitang Bay will definitely strike you with its unique beauty. It is located near Haitangwan town, which is in the east gate of Sanya and around 28km away from Sanya, Compared with the developed resort zones like Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Bay, Haitang Bay is still a virgin land retaining its unspoiled pristine beauty. With the verdant mountain as the background in the north, the East River and West River run through the bay area and then go down to the South Sea. The bay area has a coastline of 21.8 kilometers, among with 18.7 kilometers are of gorgeous sandy beach which is 3 times longer than Yalong bay. Haitang Bay covers a planning area of, gifted with a kaleidoscope of transcendent graces, it is the natural ecosystem that makes this place special. The 21.8 km-long coastline is lined with seductive sceneries, the beach as wide as 60 metres on average, serpentines like a picture of the dream. Haitang Bay has been positioned as world-class vacation paradise with developments to include Top international brands coastal hotel zone, World-class yacht leisure community and National medical and marine research, education and expo center. Seven-star hotels will cling to the emerald beaches of this area. There will also be a mangrove protection zone, natural wetland protection zone, state-of-the-art ocean-tech research center along the bay area.

Following the huge success of the Sanya Duty-free Store, the Haitang Bay International Shopping Center, the world’s largest duty-free mall, will open for trial run at the end of year 2013. Located in the Haitang Bay area, close to The Westin Sanya Haitang Bay Resort (open in Jul. 2013), Haitang Bay International Shopping Center will be built into a world-class luxury complex combining shopping, leisure, and tourism.On November 19, 2011, the parent company of CDFG, together with the CITS Group Corporation, has signed a co-operative development agreement with the Sanya Municipal Government on the construction of the Haitang Bay Duty-free Complex (later it was changed to "Haitang Bay Int’l Shopping Center"). The project belongs to the parent company, CDFG, and the China International Travel Service (CITS) Group. CDFG is responsible for the retail. Covering a total land area of about 552,000 square meters (828 mu), the whole project is divided into three phases. Phase one, the duty-free shopping center, covers a construction area of 192,600 square meters with an investment of about RMB5 billion, including 70,000 square meters dedicated to commercial services, which will be constructed on June 9th of 2013. Phase two and three include a luxury brand exhibition area, a cultural and entertainment center, a designer hotel and a major food & beverage offer. The duty-free products will include hundreds of international first-tier brands and international 2nd and 3rd tier fashion brands, with prices about 30% lower than department stores in mainland China. Currently, China is the second largest market for luxury goods. After completion, Sanya will bask in the glow of a duty-free shopping spree and Hainan will take another large step towards becoming a top international tourism destination. 


Beach Resorts on Haitang Bay can be found here including international chains and local resorts. According to the plans, a total of 32 high-end hotel brands will be laid out along the 21.8-kilometers-long coastline of Haitang Bay including the Atlantis project, with an investment of over RMB10 billion. During the first ten months of 2011, six new lavish hotels and resorts threw open their doors along the beach of Hainan, including Conrad, Sheraton, Renaissance and Doubletree by Hilton and Kempinski. The coming up will be Shangrila (2013), Fairmont (2013), Hyatt (2013), Westin (2013),etc. Please click here for hotel recommendation on Haitang Bay.


How to get here:

Haitang Bay is 28km from Sanya. To get here, there is only private transfer or by taxi. This should cost around RMB150+ one way from Sanya downtown; RMB200+ from Sanya Phoenix Airport or Sanya Railway station; RMB400+ from Haikou Meilan Airport or Haikou railway station.

Wuzhizhou Island

Lying in Haitang Bay and north of Sanya City, Wuzhizhou Island is 2.7 km away from the Houhai Village of Linwang Town in Sanya and with Nanwan Monkey Island on the north and Yalong Bay, which is known as the “No. 1 bay under the sun”, on the south. It is 30 Km away from the center of Sanya and 38 Km away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport and adjacent to Hainan east line expressway, all of which contribute to convenient and speedy traffic conditions.

The Island is in irregular shape like a butterfly covering a land area of 1.48 square kilometers. Its length along the west-east orientation is 1500 meters and its width along the north-south direction is 1100 meters. Total coastline length of Wuzhizhou Island is 5.7 Km and the southern peak has an altitude of 79.9 meters.


Your trip to Sanya will be incomplete without a visit to the Wuzhizhou Island. This magical island is located at a distance of 2.7 km from Linwang town in Sanya. This is a beach lover’s dream come true. The beach offers several activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing , jet skiing, and banana boat rides, to name a few. Beach volleyball and parachute bungee jumps are popular activities at this beach.

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