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Don't be suprise if you see the Hainan Locals wth bloody mouth

Chewing Betal Nut is very popular in Hainan. People chew them before or after meals, or even every hour like smoke whoever they are old or young, man or woman.


There are so ancient description: wake up to make the drunk, drunk to make the wake up, eat to make the hunger, the hunger can eat. Thus not help but think Su's life experience - he also had a sheltered life, but the pursuit of faith so he embarked on a road of self-imposed exile, "Yu asked his life exploits, Huang State Huizhou Danzhou"; Huanhaichenfu , overly sober is a painful thing, but blindly sink also deny yourself the value of life, so much of his life in the displaced, the Su continuously removed at half-awake drunk, between half-starved. "Terrorist cuisine" betel nut on Hainan Island, a good interpretation of the Dongpo bittersweet life.


Areca is one of the four southern medicine in China. Hainan betel planted over 500 years of history. Mainly in Qiongzhong, Tunchang, be safe, Lingshui, Cliff County and other places. Its peel is called "Tai Fu skin", do gas, and water, swelling. In addition to the fruit, the leaves are also edible. In Wanning, Lingshui, Sanya area, betel nuts has become an important customs.



After the betel nut slices stained with sauce, thin nozzle slowly chewing, Tuwan green water, and raw Tenzin, after eating red blush ear, as Su impromptu wrote "cheeks red tide was charming, betel knows Lennon was drunk," the poem . Holidays and courtship, engagement and wedding, betel nut is indispensable.

Chewing Betel nut will get you drunk, so called "drunk betel nut." Hainan Li women chewing betel nut, tobacco and alcohol addiction and even to men. Areca has eaten raw, dry eat two kinds. Raw, that the fresh green areca fruit cut into small pieces, pulp and seeds while chewing. Dry food, that is cooked dried fruit, save it for the long-term consumption.



Betel more interesting is not only its flesh eating meat, but with the "help keep leaves" (commonly known as the betel leaf), mortar (with mussels ash or lime modulation) for seasoning chewing together, so-called "one Penang Lang a gray. "Penang first fruit cut into small pieces, take a little mortar on the "help keep leaves" on the film wrapped betel nut chewing slowly put the population.

At this point Spit turns red, then Spit spit and fine taste of its juice, the more chewing more fragrant, relish, hot flashes until the face, that the "drunk Penang." Betel addiction big women, accompanied by a small amount of tobacco leaves, fragrant and spicy, such as drinking spirits.