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How to eat Conconut in Hainan?


Drinking the Coconut is one of the things to do in Hainan. We can tell you how to eat a coconut not only its juice and meat.



The tender coconut juice is generally not very sweet, slightly sour, but directly sword split in half after drinking its juice, showing its translucent flesh. Some people feel that this flesh is not good, they are wrong. You can get the meat by a metal spoon whichever flesh (direct scoop can be removed), copra entrance, like a jelly, moderate sweetness, extremely refreshing.




To delicious coconut, it depends on what to eat. No unpalatable copra, coconut even the most old, whichever fresh, coupled with brown sugar, it's flavor. Hainan's most popular summer desert is made by coconut juice and meat.


How to eat flesh? Coconut peel the outer skin first, it is best cut with a knife, saw where a triangle top, then the position in which the two puncture with chopsticks or a knife, pour the water inside clear that this is the best, do not waste; then hammer knocking, or simply knock coconut on the ground, until split up, with a knife carefully peel off the coconut meat, you can eat delicious coconut meat.



Comparison with the tender coconut meat and the old, the tender is not sweet, but feel like ice cream or jelly, tender entrance can devour. Old is very sweet, but is hard, not good for people with teeth problem.




Besides the fresh juice  meat, we can make lots of Hainan cuisine with coconut such as coconut rice, coconut chicken soup, coconut cake, coconut biscuits, etc.


There are 3 kinds of coconut : green, yellow and red, coconut tree, generally up to 25 meters or more, straight trunk, no branches spread no huge feathery leaves from the trees stretched out, hold up an umbrella green crown, coconut leaves following a string knot round coconut. Coconut is a baby, it is tempting.


Climbing the coconut tree is one of the game that the local kids play. Like the monkeys, easy to climb coconut trees, and should take the tree down when sliding down, down almost a belly rub, a careless slip faster.



​In Hainan, Coconut trees are planted everywhere.





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