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Nanhai Fishing Village Inn Riyue Bay

the Nanhai Fishing Village inn - theme hotel is your best choice for leisure vacation and surfing ideal place.  
The hotel is renovated and open in 2014, is only a "fishing" cultural theme hotel in Hainan, located on the Riyue Bay Surfing Base, Wanning City, Hainan. 100 minutes from Haikou airport, and 90 minutes from Sanya airport.

The hotel is equipped with different style rooms, warm and elegant. During meditation, enjoy Chinese and western restaurants offer simple meal, coffee and refreshments and hainan flavor snacks, is have a rest. Stop Restaurant at the same time to provide custom-made homemade meal service to group clients, pool barbecue, etc., is your leisure vacation, conference, entertainment, health, and the choice of wedding photography.
The sun with reflect, when I embrace you, in the south China sea fishing village inn - dragon's theme hotel will be you with safe, comfortable, convenient, high quality service, let you have a "one hundred" old village, far step of sweet romance tour.