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Hotels in Wuzhishan City (Mt. Five Finger)

Wuzhi Mountain (Five Finger Mountain) is the highest mountain in Hainan, China, The surrounding areas of Wuzhi Mountain are inhabited mainly by the Li ethnic group. I

Hotels in Wuzhishan City, Mt.

Wuzhishan Yatai Rainforest Resort

Location: Open in Nov. 2012, on the foot of the Mt. Finve Finger(Wuzhishan), which is the mountain of Hainan.

Wuzhishan Hotels

Zhujiang Crystal Hotel

Location: Open in 2011, and renovated in 2012, located in the city downtown of the Mt. Five Finger (Wuzhishan) City, which is the mountain of Hainan. 120km (around 15

CrystalZhujiang Crystal Hotel
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