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Where to Eat and Drink in Sanya

Please click here for hotel recommendation on Hainan Island.

As an international seashore resort destination, Sanya offers a wide selection of cuisines from all over the world besides the local foods. You can eat extremely well, and choose many different national cuisines such as Italian, Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc. and other cities in China mainland such as Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan, etc. Please click here for information of Hainan Special Foods and Drinks.

Jenny’s Tip: you may get a name card with the prices of seafood on it during your stay, the prices seem to be very cheap and impel you to have a try, but you will pay much more out of the expectation. So you’d better not to trust them. it is a trap indeed. picks some of the special famous restaurants in Sanya

Besides the numerous restaurants served Chinese mainland and western cuisines such as Sichuan Hot-Pot, Pizza, Korean cuisines, Russian food, KFC, McDonald, here we have some special famous local restaurants in Sanya for your reference.



地址 Address

东郊椰林Dongjiaoyelin, Menu in English for local seafood. Expensive one.

大东海广场斜对面               Dadonghai

爱晚亭 Ai Wanting, English Menu for Hunan Spicy Food and Seafood

大东海林达海景酒店二楼       Dadonghai

Dolphin Sports Bar&Grill海豚运动西餐厅/Menu in English, good for Burger.


夏日百货美食广场Summer Mall GastronomySquare,Chinese & Western cuisine/outdoor, booth style

夏日百货Summer Mall 1/F


Marco Polo/Menu in English,Famous for Italian foods.

大东海银泰附近 内          Dadonghai

东北人餐厅 Dongbeiren Noodles and Dumplings No English Menu

下洋田                       Dadonghai

巴国布衣 Spicy Food with Pictures, no English

迎宾大道卓大大厦附近         Downtown

阿曼多 Armando Brazil Barbecue Buffet RMB68/person for lunch & dinner

三亚市西河西路金辉煌酒店一层 Downtown

凡尔赛Versailles Restaurant for Asian, Taiwan/Western food, Menu in English

河西路南国骏园附楼           Downtown

海亚餐厅 Haiya Local Food, no English Menu, no pictures

临春河桥头                   Downtown

尊宝 Winner PIZZA, Menu in English

解放一路观来商务酒店左侧     Downtown

利国餐厅 Liguo Local, no English Menu, no pictures

河西路群众巷新风派出所旁边    Downtown

麦当劳 McDonald

解放二路步行街                Downtown

肯德鸡 KFC

解放二路步行街斜对面          Downtown

时代海岸酒吧街Sanya Bar Street

解放一路时代海岸(市委对面)   Downtown

阿伦餐厅Alan Bar and Restaurant,Menu in English

解放一路时代海岸酒吧街        Downtown

源兴隆食坊 Yuan Xing Long Local Food, no English Menu, but some dish with pictures

滨海路红太阳酒店旁边          Sanya Bay

咖啡时间 Times Café, Menu in English

滨海路兰海花园                Sanya Bay

戛纳风情Cannes Restaurant, Menu in English

滨海路兰海花园                Sanya Bay

L16餐厅吧L16 Thai Cafe & Bar, Thai Foodin Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店                 Yalong Bay

巴西烤肉餐厅 Churrascaria, Brazil Barbecue Restaurantin Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店                 Yalong Bay

Pizzahut, Pizzrria, Pizza, Hamburgers, bread, salad, etc. in Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店                Yalong Bay

哈瓦那广场 Havana PlazaMusic Square, drinks, and snacksin Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店             Yalong Bay

海鲜火锅 Seafood Hot Pot, Chinese stylein Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店             Yalong Bay

采蝶轩ZenCantonese cuisinesin Crowne Plaza Sanya

华宇酒店             Yalong Bay

大渔铁板烧, Janpenes cuisines, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

考菲乌Coffee World, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

乐美颂 LAMAISON, French Cuisines, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

拉风酒吧 & 烧烤Windjammer Bar & Grill, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

逃吧   ESCAPE BAR, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

木耳朵 For Ice Cream, at the Shopping Village


百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

老北京饺子馆 For Beijing Dumpling, at the Shopping Village

百花谷     Yalong Bay Square center

Indochine Restaurant in Marriott Resort

万豪度假酒店                 Yalong Bay

面屋/高丽亭韩式餐厅 Pastry/Korea Cuisine in Horizon Resort

天域酒店                     Yalong Bay

左岸餐厅Rivegauche in Pullman Resort, French Cuisine, in Pullman Resort

铂尔曼酒店                  Yalong Bay

泰国餐厅Thai Restaurant in Mangrove Tree Resort

红树林酒店                  Yalong Bay

IZE for seafood and fine wines in Hilton Resort

希尔顿大酒店                Yalong Bay

兰庭轩中餐厅Baba Nyonya Restaurant, Hainan cuisines,in the NO.5 Villas&Spa Resort  

五号别墅                 Yalong Bay

蕾秀岛水上餐厅Orchid Restaurant,For beautiful scenery, in the NO.5 Villas&Spa Resort  

五号别墅                 Yalong Bay

诺东南亚餐厅Leisure Island restaurant, Southeast cuisines, in the NO.5 Villas&Spa Resort  

五号别墅                 Yalong Bay