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Nightlife in Sanya

Sanya has a vibrant and varied nightlife scene that seems to shift in different directions every week as new bars, restaurants and resorts open their doors and offer varying types of entertainment and events.


Many areas in Sanya have popular bars, discos, late night cafes, and clubs that are crowded with both Chinese and expats. With the construction of major hotels and resorts, the night scene in Sanya has never been the same. Each of the most popular beach resort areas--- Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay, has developed their own unique night scene attracting a particular set of patrons.


Within walking distance of the Sanya River, Time Coast, a newly-developed bar street, is a regular night scene, welcoming visitors from every corner of the globe every evening. You may especially enjoy the atmosphere at the SOLO, SOHO and M2 bars on bar street. For a livelier dance music club, find your way to Club JJ, famed nationally for its Beijing Rock n Roll.


Not far from Time Coast, the venues located along Dadonghai Beach cater to the general crowd. Dadonghai is a very busy tourist area with some of the most diverse accommodations, eating and entertainment facilities in Sanya, with a distinct Russian presence. Here you can bar hop, choosing many different locations, such as Dolphin Bar and Sky Bar. Going downtown along Sanya Bay you can find numerous bars and nightclubs patronized mostly by locals, but tourists are also welcome here.


There are also numerous KTV (Karaoke) lounges throughout the city which are great places to sing the night away, as well as a host of venues for enjoying ethnic performances and famous contemporary shows.

If a late night on the town is not your thing, or you dont want to worry about arranging transportation to and from your hotel, many upscale hotels and resorts in Sanya also have some form of onsite nightlife, from live beach entertainment and dance clubs to cigar and wine bars.  


While the rest of Sanya pulsates and revels in its night scene, you may want to step back and relax. Order coffee and take a seat at the WOS Beach Bar right on the Dadonghai, drinking your stress away while sharing the happenings of the day or the events of the recent weeks with friends. Travelers and local expats congregate here and you can feel free to stay till late in the night while watching the city go about its nightlife, and contemplate what you want to do next in Sanya.


Top 7 things you should do in Sanya at night


1. Show of TORUK-the First Flight, a Prequel to Avatar!

Show Time: Feb.-May, 2018



2. Learn some history

Sanya Romance Park

At the 80-acre Sanya Romance Park, you will be able to learn the colorful multicultural history of Sanya City performed daily given by professional performers.


Apart from the art and dance performance, the Romance Park includes 10-themed zones such as the Yazhou Ancient City Cultural Theme Park, Elephant Valley, Pirate War Performance, Technique Exhibition and Amusement Hall, the Li & Miao Village Cultural Experience Area, South China Sea Goddess Cultural Square, Bougainvillea Seafood Stalls Area, Totem Boulevard, Valentine Valley, Fire Performance Area, BIKINI Carnival and much more for you to explore.



2. Get local specialty at good prices

No.1 Market

After you are done sightseeing for the day when visiting Sanya, you’ll probably end up looking for a good place to meander through the stalls to find the perfect souvenir or special local products to bring home to family and friends. No.1 Market, the largest market in the city, is a fun place to browse local fruits, seafood and Hainan snacks.


3. Get your drink on

Sanya Bar Street

Time Coast Bar Street has one of the highest concentrations of bars in town situated near the Sanya Port in a prosperous resort in Yuya Avenue (a 5 min bus ride from Dadonghai).


The bar street is popular among youngsters and expats in town. You’ll have no problem finding bars of different styles and vibes; get some friends together and there will be a sizzling party that goes from a quiet post-dinner catch-up to after-midnight.

4.Savor your buds at

Sanya Chunyuan Square

Fans of seafood should definitely make a trip out to Sanya Chunyuan Square, arguably one of the popular seafood squares you’re likely to find in Sanya. It is a huge outdoor plaza filled with seafood vendors providing over 400 tables in Chunyuan Road.


This back street is always filled with large groups of noisy people vivaciously enjoying dinner and good company. Choose hotpot, fried, or steamed preparation methods for a small fee.



5. Actually walk along some coastline Sanya Bay

As Sanya Bay is not far from the city center, visitors can spend a day at this peaceful and very romantic beach. Pack a picnic and wander through the picturesque coconut trees and get close to the taste the daily life of local people. Best yet, you can get the most spectacular sunset experience to complete your tropical trip. A stroll around the longest bay in Sanya is definitely a treat for couples. No wonder why there’s no shortage of wedding photo shoots here.


7.  Get lost in shopping heaven

Sanya Duty-free Shop

It’s not all sun and sand in Sanya, there’s shopping too! Sanya is quickly making a niche for itself as a duty free hot spot in China. The goods on offer at the store include many of the best watch brands in the world, fashionable clothes and adornments, jewelry, travel cases and bags, small household appliances and characteristic domestic products.



8. Relax a bit Sanya River

Sanya River is located in the middle of the city, famed for its beautiful and scenic landscapes.

Leisure pavilions, touring paths and lush greenery dot along this sprawling river, which is a nursery for a variety of fish, birds, crustaceans and shellfish. Besides the rising buildings along the river, you will also be able to find egrets here. They fly from the north part of China and make a stopover in Sanya, where they spend an entire winter with local residents, many of whom are migrants themselves. Sanya River is a breath of fresh air after a tiring shopping excursion or even a reason on its own for a visit to the city.