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Cold Spring in Hainan, the Largest in China

If Hot Spring is too hot in Summer, you can try Cold Spring here in Hainan.


Located in Jiu Wen Tang Village, Longmen County, DingAn City, Hainan, around 1 hour drive from Haikou, 2.5 hours drive from Sanya.



According to the mineral naming standard, water temperature higher than 32 degrees Celsius is called "hot springs", and less than 25 degrees Celsius is "cold spring". In Hainan Island, the tropical area, the underground water temperature is generally 27 , while its underground water temperature is  less than 25 at the Jiu Wen Tang Village Area, this is the new discovery of underground water temperature. Volcano rock formation of cold seep in platform margin excretion, which is the largest cold spring in China after Taiwan, Heilongjiang Wudalianchi Suao cold seep third cold spring, also recovered so far found Chinamaximum tropical se seep. Total10 Spring holes.


The cold spring water is colorless, odorless volcano, clear and transparent, water temperature of 23 ~ 25 all year round, cool in summer and warm in winter, pure and sweet and delicious, meet the drinking natural mineral water. The Cold Spring are very good for health due to the cold spring contains selenium element, rich in germanium. "Ge" can promote the production of antibodies, and anti - tumor, anti lipid peroxidation, anti-aging effect; "Se" is conducive to the protection of cell membrane and enhance the immunity, prevent cardiovascular disease and anti-aging; "metasilicate" can soften blood vessel, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, the growth of human life.


Cold spring is not developed and promoted to public yet, but many local people and tourists visit their during their holidays to  enjoy the cold spring and get massage by the unknown fish.In cold spring, a wild unknown little fish will kiss your skin as if to give you the massage which is really fun.


If you want to try Cold Spring, please contact us by email to or call Jenny at +86 (0) 18084661009 to get more details and book the trip with us. Or you can find the package price by clicking here.