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Hot Spring

Hot spring is another feature of Hainan. There are so many hot spring resorts in Hainan such as Sanya,xinglong, Boao, and Baoting
We are pleased to recommend you the following hot spring resorts which are very good money value.


Pearl River Nantian Hot Springlocated in the east of Sanya, 20 minutes drive from Sanya. It is well-known as “China No.1 Hot-Spring”. The average temperature of thermal mineral water is 57°C. The content of silicic acid, fluorine and radon have evoked new health concept of spa. There are total 36 spa pools of various shapes and functions, scattering amidst the natural coconut forest. The children’s pool gathers all the fun for kids and at the water bar, where the spa swimming pool features thick Bali Islet amenities.

In addition to hot spring, there also offers nice guest rooms, food & beverage, and recreation facilities such as spa treatment, fish therapy, etc.


The Hot Spring ticket: RMB198/person, Round transfer by private car (max. 4 persons not including the driver) at RMB300.

Our special package offer is RMB280 per person including the entrance fee and the round transfer by a private car (min. 2 persons) or RMB250 per person (min. 4 persons). 

If you want to stay over night at the Nantian Hot Spring resort, please click here for information about the hotel and price there.




Dongyu Island Hot Spring, Boaolocated in the east of Sanya, 120 minutes drive from Sanya.The open-air natural hot spring on Dongyu Island was dug from the depth of 400 meters below the earth's surface. Comprises 28 various function pools, including Coconut Milk pool, Lavender pool, Mint pool, Ginseng pool, Fingerling pool, etc.


The Hot Spring ticket: RMB188/person, Round transfer by private car at RMB600 (4 seat car).

Our special package offer is RMB500 per person (min. 2 persons) or RMB370 per person (min. 4 persons).




If you want to stay over night at the Dongyu Island Hotspring resort, please click here for information about the acommodation and other hotel facilities in Boao.


Seven Fairs Mountain Hot Spring (Qixianling Hot Spring)located in Baoting county, middle of Hainan, 1.5 hours drive from Sanya. It enjoys a high fame both inside China and all around the world. Seven Fairs Mountain is one the tropical rain forest area in China, providing with tropic vegetation, outdoor stream and waterfall which are famous for their limpidity. The temperature of the outdoor hot spring is 97°C in highest and 93°C in average.


Jenny’s Tip: You may arrange a hiking tour at the Seven Fairs Mountain, then go to enjoy the hot spring and fish therapy after the hiking there, which will make you relax. Or you can have one night staying at the hotel there, and enjoy the private hot spring on your balcony. Please click here for the hotel information in Seven Fairs Mountain.