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Where to Shop in Sanya


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With its unique geographic features, Sanya offers every visitor an enduring experience and memory of the sea. Add to that the chance to purchase souvenirs, attractive in both price and quality, and bring them back home. Vendors and emporiums of every size from street stalls to corner shops to hotel boutiques to large department stores in Sanya are stocked with locally-designed clothing, crafts and a wide variety of marine products. Hainan is also famous for coconut juice and coconut products, fresh and dried fruits, coffee, pepper and an assortment of spices. Moreover, people can purchase special merchandise with a local flavor including pearls, jewelry, pearl products, crystal and crystal ware, butterfly specimens, coral, carved coconut handicrafts, candies, dried tropical fruit and dried seafood, in addition to coffee, tea and pepper.

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Shopping Centers in Sanya

Jiefang Road Walking Street

This street offers various local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations. 30 minutes from Yalong bay or Sanya Bay, 5 minutes from Dadonghai. Most of the shops in the street accept major credit card payment, so you still will prepare cash just for in case. 

Mingzhu Plaza

Mingzhu Plaza is the most comprehensive shopping center in Sanya, with nine floors and a 1,500-square-meter hall. It deals in diverse local products, dining, entertainment, jewelry and cosmetics.


Summer Shopping Mall        Walking Street        Jingrun Pearl Factory


Jingrun Pearl Factory is the largest shop for pearl, shell, and crystal products. If you stay in Yalong Bay, 20 minutes driving; and 40 minutes from Dadonghai, 50 minutes from Sanya Bay. Major credit cards accepted.

Another option for pearl and crystal is Hairun Pearl Shop located in Sanya downtown near Dadonghai.

If you want to take some Mangos or other tropical fruits home. Sanya No. 1 Market is an ideal shopping market for Hainan tropical fruits and Hainan special snacks hand made by local people. 30 minutes from Yalong bay or Sanya Bay, 5 minutes from Dadonghai. Only cash payment.

If you stay in Dadonghai area, the closest shop is Summer Shopping Mall which has all your needs within walking distance.

Also you can visit Duty Free Shop at Dadonghai.

Sanya No. 1 Market


Jenny’s Tips:

>> The mementos of hotel or shop are more expensive than that of the stalls. However if you buy them with the peddlers, first of all you should know how to haggle with them. In Yalong Bay Square there is a seashell market where the peddlers will show you many kinds of seashell which are very expensive.

>> If you walk along the beaches in Sanya, you may see lots of women selling cheap pearl and crystal, which are all fake, and not value. If you don't want to buy anything, leave them as far as possible or refuse them definitely at the very beginning. But if you are fond of some, you'd better learn how to cut the price from the tenth first and never give the final price higher than the quarter of total price.

>> and rub them lightly each other, if it is not smooth, that shows it’s the real and natural pearl. The man-made pearl is harmful to your skin; you’d better not wear it even if it’s cheaper.

>> Generally, the handiwork of coconut is sold in stationary stalls. You can go to the city centre to select some.

>> Do not buy the coral or turtle. They are strictly prohibited to sell.

pearl and shell