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Tropical Paradise Forest Park Yalong Bay Sanya


Located in Yalong Bay National Resort District with a total area of 1,506 hectares, Yalong Bay tropical paradise forest park is the first forest park in Sanya City in accordance with the development and construction specifications of national forest park, and also the first coastal mountain eco-tourism and eco-resort forest park in Hainan Province. The park is designed to be a world-class coastal mountain eco-tourism and eco-resort forest park. Vegetation type is tropical evergreen rainforest and tropical semi-deciduous seasonal forest. Its biological, geographical, astronomical phenomena, hydrology, cultural resources are rich and colorful. Landscape construction is extremely eco-natural. A variety of tourism activities including mountaineering expedition, field expansion, leisure and tourism, health resort, popular science education, folk culture experience, etc can be carried out. Hainan province is China’s first ecological province, while tropical paradise is natural forest oxygen bar that is nearest to city.


There is a nice 5 star hotel in the Park, called Bird Nest Resort, Residing at bird's nest, dwelling above the jungle, watching clouds curling, viewing the integration of sea and sky, seeing sunrise and sunset, listening to birds singing in the morning, looking at five-star hotels shining in the evening, breathing natural oxygen, keeping far from the madding crowd, overlooking the world, all allow you to enjoy the private space. The Camping Rooms are open air, no window, no door, very good for those who wants to closer to the nature.

more or less than 10 minutes drive from any hotel at Yalong Bay

50 minutes from Sanya Bay, 20 minutes from Haitang Bay

30 minutes from Dadonghai or Sanya downtown

Entrance fee at RMB175 per person.



Mountaineering expedition route: west gate of the eastern region is the starting point, along Flying Stone, gossip stone, Palong hole, Lychee Garden, Wangshan Stone, Weifeng Bridge, elephants bridge, dragon bridge, elephant stone, dragon creek, cattle back stone, hippo stone, single stone bridge, stone lane, Banyan stone, air suspension bridge, rainforest walkway, mid-level viewing platform, Hongxia stone, jungle path, Qingtian stone, air-raid shelter, and Kongshan Pavilion, etc, finally reaching peak Yalong park and the big Buddha stone. The total length including the extension is about 8 km, with stone steps and plank road, and composes tour trail with a certain physical strength and a certain sense of adventure. Viewing plants and odd rocks, climbing, adventuring, overlooking, feeling nature, are suitable for people challenging nature and themselves, especially the young.

Cable car route: take cable car from west gate, along Weifeng Ridge, Zhulu Ridge, Feilong Ridge, mountain ridge spiraling up to Hongxia Ridge peak. Stop at Zhulu Ridge to view Lansheng platform, food pavilion, food pavilion, Guojianglong ropeway; view cliff at monkey mountain and Qianli pavilion. In Weifeng Ridge, there is Langtaosha pool, Shanhai Pavilion and Lintian Pavilion, etc. at half Hongxia Ridge, there is Tianwaitian tour desk, etc, also finally reaching peak Yalong park. This route is temporarily open 8 km. all scenic views occupy a commanding position. You can feel boundless sea and sky everywhere. Landscape is beautiful and magnificent. This route is suitable for tourists who want to easily enjoy the beauty of nature or who is weak. At the same time, there are off-road adventure club in Zhulu Ridge, monkey mountain and wooden room in monkey mountain and Feilong Ridge, which are very unique.

The two routes above converge at the peak park. This region has natural landscape Buddha stone, rainforest, a large statue of Dragon in Clouds cast in bronze and sea tower, etc that integrates traditional Chinese dragon culture, as well as plain commercial street, elegant tea ceremony, wine pavilion, skyline swimming pool, sun stone health pavilion, and waterscape, etc, which make you feel relaxed after reaching the top and also allow you to taste Yalong Bay, sea and life.

Coastal mountain forest resort route: this route will connect all resorts in the future, is suitable for guests staying at all resorts and organically connects resorts and all scenic areas through tour trail and cable car.