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Monkey Island

Situated south of Lingshui County, 1 hour driving from Sanya, Nanwan Monkey Island is the only tropical island-type nature reserve for macaques in China. The island boasts of so many special sites, such as the 2138-meter longest transoceanic ropeway in China, the charming coconut palms, the enchanting sand beach, and the unique fishing rafts by the bank, as well as being the monkeys' paradise.

The nature reserve has more than 2000 monkeys now. Because of the wild environment, the variety of plants and fruits, and numerous grottos, the island is regarded as the perfect paradise for monkeys. Also because of the good management, the island is very neat and clean. Guides all wear uniforms, and are always courteous.



After admiring the wonderful vistas of the monkey island, you can reward yourself with a special seafood meal on the fishing rafts that is known as 'the street on the sea'. Not only the delicious food but also the excellent service given by the local Hainan fishermen will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

40 minutes from Yalong Bay, 60 minutes from Sanya Bay, 50 minutes from Dadonghai or Sanya downtown, 30 minutes from Haitang Bay.

Entrance Fee: RMB176/person.