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Deer-Turn-Round park

Located on the top of a mountain in Sanya downtown, near Dadonghai, is a good place to overlook the whole Sanya downtown.

There is a sculpture of a deer, a hunter and a pretty girl on the top of hill in the park, which shows the excellent love story: Long long ago, a young hunter lived in Wuzhi Mountain, who was brave ,hard-working and warmhearted. One day, he found a beautiful deer when he was hunting. He chased the deer, crossing 99 mountains and wading 99 rivers. Finally, after nine days and nights, they reached a cliff beside the sea, there was no way out. While he raised the bow, fire flashed and fog came up, the deer turned into a beautiful girl.


Jenny's Tip: It is said that tourists who take a photo with the girl and the hunter will get good blessing from them. Also you can enjoy the charming night view of Sanya city on the top of the mountain in the park.

30 minutes from Yalong Bay, 20 minutes from Sanya Bay, 10 minutes from Dadonghai or Sanya downtown.

Entrance Fee: RMB70/person.