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Taxi Cost and Road Transportation in Sanya


The taxi fee is from RMB8. It cost RMB40+ by taxi from the Sanya airport to downtown and RMB100+ to Yalong Bay. If you take the airport shuttle, only RMB10-15 to the downtown. No airport shuttle to Yalong Bay. Jenny’s tip: Taxi system at Sanya airport is quite mass, and big problems with communication in English, you could be better to reserve pickup service from us.


The Mototaxi is very popular in Sanya downtown. The cost is also same or even more than Taxi because sometimes it will be not easy to get a taxi. But Jenny never suggest you to take Mototaxi for safty reason. The mototaxi has no any license, and never follow traffic rules. 

There are many lines city bus: No.2 and No.4, No. 11, No. 10, No. 8, etc. from 6am till 12am in the Sanya downtown are very popular, cost only 2 yuan each. To Yalong Bay, you can take the bus from Dadonghai at 7 yuan and 15 yuan from Sanya downtown. Or it cost RMB60+ from Sanya downtown to Yalong Bay by taxi. To Sanya airport, No. 8 bus from Dadonghai and downtown. To Sanya railway station, No. 204 and No. 10.

In order to facilitate the public transport for Sanya residents and tourists, the Sanya government has the call-out Taxi, you can call the local line 96789 to reserve a taxi. The cost is the same as the normal taxi. Jenny's tip: you must call at least 30m in advance, and as they speak Chinese only, it is better that you ask the hotel staff for help or call me so that we can call for you. One other problem is the call-out Taxi is not availble anytime.

According to the public transport bureau of Sanya, the newly-added bus routes will focus on the linking of airport, railway station and scenic spots. Meanwhile, with more and more foreign tourists visiting Sanya every year, the bureau is considering adding English and Russian version to bus stop signs, in an effort to facilitate the travel for foreign tourists in Sanya.

The newly-added bus routes are:

No. 5 : Sanya railway station – Hai hang xue yuan – jin ji ling she qu – shi zhong ji fa yuan – yue chuan xiao xue – shi jiao tong ju – chuang ye da sha – Sanya bus station 

No. 26: Sanya airport – xin feng jie kou – ji xiang jie kou – hai yue guang chang – bi hail an tian – mei li xin hai an xiao qu – sanya du jia cun – Holiday Inn Sanya bay – Days Inn Sanya Bay – HNA Resort Sanya bay – Narada Resort Sanya bay

No. 27: Sanya airport – sanya wan lu – hai yu dong xian – Yalong bay

No. 28: yu lin shi chang (榆林市场) – ao lin pi ke she ji zhong xin – hong sha zhong xue – jing run zhen zhu guan – Railway Station-Yalong bay – hai luo gu niang yuan – hai tang bay – wu zhi zhou Island

No. 29: Railway Station-Yalong Bay – jing run zhen zhu guan – ji yang shi chang - an you – Railway Station-Yalong Bay (to be open in March, 2011)

No.30: Sanya railway station – feng huang shui cheng – yin hai da jiu dian – sanya du jia cun – xin cheng lu kou – nan dao lu kou – bing lang cun kou – kai feng hua yuan – sanya railway station (to be open in March 2011)